Essential Marketing Plan to Promote and Grow Your HVAC Company

Running an HVAC business is tough. You started out small – just you, a truck, some tools, and a vision. Gradually, you built up your customer base through word of mouth and sheer hustle. Fast forward to today, and your company has grown. Still, you know it could be bigger and more profitable.

You want to get your name out there, attract new customers, and really scale things up. But marketing feels out of your wheelhouse. Where do you even start?

Good news – you don’t have to figure it all out alone. We’ve helped dozens of HVAC companies like yours define and execute marketing plans that work. With the right strategies in place, you can promote your business, beat the competition, and hit your revenue goals.

We won’t bore you with theoretical concepts either. Everything we recommend has been proven effective for HVAC businesses. You’ll find insider tips tailored specifically for heating and cooling pros like yourself.

Whether you’re new to marketing or looking to get more from your current efforts, this guide is for you. We know running and growing an HVAC company is a round-the-clock endeavor. We won’t waste your time – just deliver practical, actionable strategies to promote your business.

So get ready to take notes. Let’s dive in and cover exactly how to achieve your growth goals this year!

How Do I Get More Customers for My HVAC Business?

Gaining new customers is the lifeblood of any HVAC business. You could have amazing technicians and provide top-notch service, but none of that matters without a steady stream of customers coming through the door.

So how do you go about attracting new clients to buy your HVAC services? Here are proven strategies and marketing tactics to add more customers to your roster:

Online marketing needs to be a cornerstone of your HVAC customer acquisition strategy. Optimizing your website and running paid ads will generate inbound leads from homeowners looking for HVAC help in your area.

  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, loads fast, and highlights the specific services you provide. Create dedicated landing pages that include strong calls-to-action to request quotes or schedule service.
  • Target relevant keywords across search, display, and social media advertising. Geotarget ads to only reach local homeowners and focus on keywords related to HVAC repair, installation, maintenance, etc.
  • Retarget website visitors through ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google to keep your brand top-of-mind. Send customized email sequences to site visitors to nurture leads.
  • Update your Google My Business listing with complete information, photos, and customer reviews. This will help you rank higher in local search results.

Partner with Contractors, Real Estate Agents, and Other Referral Sources

Tap into complementary businesses that interact with your ideal clients. Offer mutual referral perks and co-marketing partnerships.

  • Contractors often need HVAC technicians for new builds and renovations – partner with them.
  • New homeowners need HVAC services – connect with real estate agents and home inspectors to win their referrals.
  • Multi-family developments and property management companies maintain HVAC units – build relationships to become their provider.

Run Direct Mail Campaigns

Don’t overlook traditional marketing tactics like postcards or flyers. Target homeowners right in your backyard with localized mailing lists.

  • Mail seasonal maintenance reminder postcards in the spring and fall. Include special introductory tune-up offers.
  • Send coupons for AC tune-ups before summer and furnace inspections before winter.
  • Mail flyers to new homeowners introducing your HVAC company and services

Sponsor Local Events and Sports Teams

Getting involved in your community builds brand awareness and goodwill with potential customers.

  • Sponsor a local youth sports team and offer a discount for teammates’ families.
  • Have a booth at community events like festivals, fairs, and farmers markets.
  • Donate a raffle prize of free AC service and collect email addresses.

Run Promotions and Discounts

 HVAC Company

Special deals incentivize new customers to give your HVAC services a try. Tap into the power of deals and discounts.

  • Offer new customers a discount like 10% off their first service call.
  • Provide a free filter change when they sign up for a maintenance plan.
  • Send coupons for a free duct cleaning or AC tune-up to generate leads.

Implementing a diverse mix of both digital and traditional marketing tactics will drive a steady inflow of new customers. Consistently execute campaigns across multiple channels to keep your pipeline full and fuel HVAC business growth.

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What Are the 5 Key Marketing Strategies?

When it comes to marketing your HVAC business, you can easily get overwhelmed by all the different options and channels. How do you know where to focus your limited time and resources?

Boiling things down to a core set of marketing strategies will provide direction and clarity. Here are 5 overarching approaches that need to be pillars of your HVAC marketing plan:

1. Improve Your Online Presence with a Lead-Generating Website

Your website is often the first touchpoint for potential customers. That’s why having an informative, modern HVAC website designed to convert visitors into leads is table stakes these days.

Make sure your site has:

  • Mobile responsiveness and fast load times
  • Compelling content highlighting your services
  • Strong calls-to-action to request quotes
  • Lead capture forms to collect contacts
  • Pages targeting HVAC keywords (furnace repair, AC installation, etc.)

2. Run Paid Ads on Google and Facebook to Reach Local Homeowners

Paid search and social media advertising enables you to target homeowners right in your target geographic areas. Promote your services to people actively searching for HVAC help.

  • Advertise on Google when people search for terms like “HVAC company,” “AC repair,” “furnace replacement,” etc.
  • Create Facebook ads with special offers and target users within 5-10 miles of your service area.
  • Retarget people who visit your site to turn cold leads hot.
HVAC Company

3. Develop and Distribute Helpful Educational Content

Become an authority voice that homeowners turn to for HVAC advice and education.

  • Create a blog on your website with articles about topics like AC maintenance, improving energy efficiency, duct cleaning, heating and cooling costs, etc.
  • Record short videos providing tips for homeowners and share on YouTube and social media.
  • Send helpful information through email newsletters and ebooks.

4. Collect Online Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials build trust and credibility for your business in the eyes of prospective customers.

  • Ask happy customers to leave Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews.
  • Share great reviews on your website and on social media.
  • Gather video and written testimonials to highlight on your site.

5. Create and Nurture Referral Partner Relationships

Other businesses already interacting with homeowners can refer clients to you.

  • Partner with contractors, electricians, plumbers, real estate agents, etc.
  • Offer mutual referral bonuses, co-branded swag, and cross-promotional opportunities.

Master these 5 marketing strategies to attract more HVAC customers while strengthening your brand and standing out from competitors. They provide a blueprint for marketing success.

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How Do I Get More Sales for My HVAC Company?

Driving higher sales volumes is critical for scaling your HVAC business. Here are proven strategies to increase sales once you have leads and customers in the door:

Train Technicians to Upsell Maintenance Plans and Extra Services

Leverage every customer touchpoint. When technicians are on service calls, ensure they are suggesting additional needed services and promoting maintenance plans. Their recommendations can help close more sales.

Offer Financing Options to Help Customers Afford Major HVAC Purchases

Not everyone can pay thousands for a new AC unit or furnace replacement upfront. Offer financing plans through providers like Wells Fargo to break up payments. This can incentivize customers to move forward with projects.

Send Email and SMS Campaigns to Existing Customers About Tune-Ups

Your current customer base is one of the most valuable yet underutilized sales channels. Market services like seasonal tune-ups to them via automated campaigns. Emails and text messages both work extremely well.

Use a CRM System to Engage Past Leads and Win Back Lost Opportunities

Go back through your existing lead database and look for previous prospects to re-engage. Track all interactions within your CRM. With consistent and strategic follow-up, you can turn old leads into sales.

Create Urgency with Seasonal Service Sales and Promotions

Limited-time promotions incentivize prospects to stop putting off essential HVAC work. For example, offer $50 off fall furnace tune-ups or $100 off replacements during an “October Furnace Sale.

Strategically growing your sales numbers takes both marketing to gain new leads plus sales execution to close deals. Implementing the above strategies will compound the revenue potential within your HVAC business.

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How Can I Hit $100k in Revenue With My HVAC Business?

Generating $100,000 in annual revenue is an achievable goal for most HVAC businesses. Here are tips to push past the six-figure threshold:

Increase Your Average Ticket Sale

Make it standard practice for technicians to bundle recommendations for additional necessary services when on calls. Get in the habit of assessing the entire HVAC system rather than just responding to the specific current issue. More services per ticket leads to higher revenue.

Generate More Leads Through Comprehensive Digital Marketing

With more inbound leads coming in through tactics like SEO, paid ads, and content marketing, you have more sales opportunities to convert. Expand and optimize digital marketing efforts to drive lead volume.

Improve Sales Conversion Rates by Following Up Faster

Connecting with leads quickly and consistently turns more prospects into customers. Set processes to respond to all inquiries ASAP and follow-up within 24 hours of estimating. Faster follow-up reduces lead leakage.

Expand into New Territories and Increase Service Areas

Consider strategically widening the geographic radius you serve if there is demand. More homeowners within your reach equates to higher potential revenue.

Develop Retention and Loyalty Programs to Increase Repeat Business

Getting existing customers to spend more over the lifetime of your relationship is crucial. Implement rewards programs, maintenance plans, promotions, and VIP perks to spark repeat sales.

Executing this combination of lead generation, sales conversion, and customer retention strategies positions you to surpass $100k in annual HVAC revenue.

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Can an HVAC Business Generate Six Figures?

Absolutely. While reaching six-figures in revenue is a major milestone, it is certainly feasible for dedicated HVAC business owners.

The key is implementing a comprehensive marketing plan to drive growth across three key areas:

Attract More Customers

Use digital marketing, direct mail, sponsorships, discounts and promotions to get your brand and services in front of homeowners in your region. Cast a wide net to capture more leads.

Increase Average Sale Value

Bundle recommendations during service calls and always be assessing additional high-value services you can provide. Offer financing plans to enable customers to undertake bigger, more profitable projects.

Retain Customers Longer to Cultivate Loyalty

The longer you keep a customer, the more revenue you will accumulate from them over time. Develop maintenance plans, loyalty programs, and VIP benefits to increase retention.

Achieve Operational Efficiencies

Refine internal processes to maximize productivity. Track metrics like calls per technician, first-call resolution, job time, and profit per job. Eliminate any inefficiencies.

Expand Your Offerings

Consider adding complementary HVAC offerings like duct cleaning, air quality services, plumbing, electrical, insulation, etc. More service capabilities equal more sales opportunities.

By focusing on attracting more customers, selling bigger projects, fostering loyalty, optimizing operations, and expanding what you offer, HVAC businesses can absolutely hit the six-figure sales milestone.

The marketing and business growth strategies covered in this post will help you dramatically increase your revenue and join the ranks of high-earning HVAC companies.

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Take Your HVAC Business to the Next Level with a Marketing Partner

Executing a strategic marketing plan is the proven path to attracting more customers, boosting sales, and reaching six-figure growth with your HVAC business. But who has the time and expertise to handle everything covered in this guide?

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